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The ultimate professional workhorse

Dolly is the everyday inspiration machine you can rely on. Simple, stable, resonant, repairable, lightweight, long lasting, versatile and virtuosic and each one is built entirely around you and your sound.

The first guitar you grab in the studio. The guitar you take on tour, the guitar you can easily modify for new sounds as you evolve, the guitar that doesn’t punish your back or your hands after a long, late night session, the guitar that doesn’t get boring playing on acoustically for a days teaching. It is perfect at what it does.

They come as standard with beautiful 2 piece roasted mahogany bodies, roasted mahogany necks, ebony fretboards, medium stainless steel frets, 42.5mm scalloped bone nuts, 12” radius’ and a slim D profile neck. Average build weight is 2.8kgs/6.1lbs.

Spec yours below, I can’t wait to make you your new Dolly!





Standard electronics

  • Single pickup guitars Dollys come as standard with a universal volume and tone control
  • Dual pickup guitars Dollys come with two slider on/off switches, one for each pickup, and a universal volume and tone control.
  • Triple pickup loaded guitars Dollys come with three slider on/off switches, one for each pickup, and a universal volume and tone control.

Custom electronics

Custom wiring options are offered for an upcharge, if you want coil splitting, tone controls for each pickup etc, we are happy to cater your needs. Select the "custom electronics" option and write your ideas in the special requests box when you order.


We'll adapt the neck relief, action and nut to perfectly accommodate the gauge of strings that you usually use.

Bridge saddles

I love the sound from 3 intonated brass barrel saddles and find the intonation to be totally acceptable with them, so Dollys come with them as standard. But if you want free range of intonation adjustment between strings please select the 6 saddle option.


Custom flight available.

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