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The Dolly

The Dolly is Moar's guitar for the people.

Simple construction, light weight of 2.8kgs/6.1lbs, easy to swap necks for different scale lengths, easy to swap pickups for different sounds, totally ambidextrous, totally modular, it is a stable, versatile and inspiring workhorse of a guitar.

It is made of roasted mahogany for the body and neck and has an ebony fretboard. The frets are stainless steel, fretboard radius is 12”, nut width is 42.5, scale length is 25.5”, and the neck is a slim D profile.

Dollys can be ordered with just about any pickup combination you can dream up, with 18 possible pickup choices for the neck, middle or bridge position, and 3 different electronic control layouts, there is a total of 34,992 possible configurations. Each Dolly is put together uniquely for each client. They come as standard with a set of my P90s and a volume, tone and 3 way switch, but if you want something totally unique, we are excited to make it! Whilst being simple, Dollys are still made in my workshop in Denmark, they all go through my hands, with the same stringent quality control, and expert level setup and sound that my clients expect from every Moar.




Choose from 3 wiring layouts.

  • Volume, tone and 3-way switch (like a t-style guitar)
  • Volume, tone, tone and a 3-way switch (like a LP-style guitar)
  • Volume, tone, tone and a 5-way switch (like an s-style guitar)


Select your dominant hand.


We'll adapt the neck relief, action and nut to perfectly accommodate the gauge of strings that you usually use.


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