Some very cool commissions in their final stages these days! One of the cool things about Moar (in my opinion) is that I'm happy to take on pretty much anything, as long as the idea excites me, and I feel like it would make sense for me to do it. People often write asking if I can do a certain thing, or some kind of pickups, a specific wood combination etc, and the answer is pretty much always yes. So far no two of my builds have been built to identical specs.

Posting this guitar two days in a row because, well, look at it.

A Wayfair, on a stage, in front of an audience in 2020!! @eivormusic played in Dortmund DE last night, and the photos are starting to come in. So proud to be connected to this artist. Photocredit to @the_mellowmusic

中中中中中 A very good Wayfair for @johnhayn_es of @hayneseffects I really really really like this guitar.

And now for something completely different! A rose inlay from the 3rd to 5h fret and a dahlia from the 12th to 15th for @bot_xiv 's wayfair commission. The inlays are based on photographs Sof sent me of flowers from her grandparents garden. They were really supportive of her musical development, so she wanted to commemorate them in her Wayfair. Feels crazy that I'm in Copenhagen, putting inlays based on flowers from an Australian garden, into a fretboard that's from an African tree!

This one for @polmnechiac is coming together quite nicely . Hollow wenge Wayfair bass, that's getting a set of bass humbuckers and a passive piezo circuit. I'm also trying out a new 2x2 headstock shape. It currently weighs in at 2.9kgs, so should be somewhere around the 3.4kg mark when done. #lightweightslapper

#tbt I have recently gotten a few really cool Offsets ordered as commissions, that I'm very excited to start! I loved this guitar, so can't wait to recreate its magic. 2021 is already starting to look good

@arne_hou_uerkflinch 's offset wayfair has been on a bit of a back burner these past few months, but I've been back at it this last week, I'm now in the slow process of building up layers of oil for the finish. I really love the body shape on this build, Arne designed the F hole, and had good feel for the idea of the lines, but gave me more or less complete creative freedom to do what I want with it, and I think it came out great! Plan on having it done in around a month.

This one is on a UPS delivery van, and should he arriving at its new owners at some point today. I'm very sad to no longer have this guitar in the workshop, as I loved it, but thankfully have some extremely cool builds in the pipeline to keep my mind off of all the insane tones this morty has inside it.

I felt like I deserved a treat today at the workshop, so I assembled this reverse headstock wenge Wayfair bass. I wound 3 mini rail humbuckers for this commission, and covered them with heavily modified brass p90 dog ear covers. I also received a warm, round, classic sounding geranium boost from @expressofx and its magic in a box. Demo for both the bass and the pedal as soon as I can!

Sometimes you just need some good old fashioned Wayfair porn, know what I mean? This build is actually more or less done now, strung up under tension, etc, I've just not had a chance to take a more recent photo of it. It should be done in the next week or so, with glamour shots, and hopefully a short video to show it off! Build commissioned by @hayneseffects

Your back would love for you to own this guitar. 2.5kgs, or 5.5lbs, of warm p90 tones, and a passive piezo added to cut through any mix. It's the only stock guitar I currently have, and it's ready to ship.

The ever lovely Al and Kasper from @culturedguitarist decided I deserved moar time to talk about my guitars, so invited me back for a second part to last weeks podcast. This one gets much more geeky then the last. We talk about truss rods, neck joints, @onkelamplified having magic ears, nuts, naked mortys and much much more. Go to their profile for the link, or swipe up in my story.

Not to toot my own horn, but this one is a new high in terms of the sounds coming from my guitars. Thick, warm yet articulate neck p90 and a glassy, cutting and tight firebird bridge. It's a beast!

I'm quite excited to be able to devote my time to this build again after I've wrapped up the naked Mortys. Soon! #walnutguitar #firebirdpickups #builtfromthesoundup #archtopguitars #handwoundpickups

Wanna be in my gang? #teletuesday #moarmoarty #handmadeguitars

A bit of late night problem solving to close off the week. Almost feels pointless leaving the workshop after 11 at night when I'll be back here by 6.30 in the morning! But I love it 歹

Naked Morty No 3 for Carl Blackwood, aka @carl_blackwood_ Ash body, maple neck and ebony board. Gunned P90, its gonna rip.

Making dust whilst radiusing a rosewood fretboard by hand for a naked Morty. #moarguitars #rosewoodfretboard #handmadeguitar

Wayfair no. 1 A lot has changed in my process and design since making @beers_and_dogs 's Wayfair (it didn't even have that name when I made it) I remember it took months and months to make as I was designing as I went, and figuring out the process as each new challenge arose. This build has a very important place in my heart, as does Julian, aka @beers_and_dogs, for commissioning me to make it, trusting me, and giving me the time and creative freedom to just do my thing at such an early time in my luthier journey. I've also always had at least one order for a Wayfair in my books since 歹 #moarguitars #moarwayfair

Thank god its Friday.

Since my first guitar build I've always eyeballed the side dot markers, rather then measuring them to be exactly in line with each other. It's actually a deliberate thing, and something I quite enjoy about my builds. I like that the player is reminded that they are playing a handmade guitar, with all its own quirks, each time they look down at the neck. I see it as a little secret that I share with all my guitars owners.

Gathering momentum on the batch of 14 naked Mortys, all the necks are roughed out, fretboards are radiused and slotted and bodies are cut and carved. It's just a matter of getting everything together now, sanding so they are ready for applying finish, frets, winding the pickups, doing the electics, making the bone nuts, set ups and assembly and then done! Phew! Exciting times!

This Wayfair has reached the optimal number of finishing coats and will be buffed, polished and assembled tomorrow! Exciting stuff! Jazzmaster trem and a set of P90s on an all mahogany build. This one will be hard to say goodbye to.

NM 1. #nakedguitarsarebetterguitars #moarguitarsforever

It's been a fantastic new challenge to try to make a big batch of guitars for the first time (alongside all my regular orders). The fourteen Naked Morty orders have been really taking their toll on my sanity. Making jigs, taking measurements for what I want to be the "correct" shape to use as a standard, getting hold of 14 sets of strap pins, trying (and mostly failing) to utilise my cnc machine a little moar, just making sure the right fretboard is set aside for the right body wood. Simple things become more of a challenge at greater scale. I sneaked into the workshop today to try to catch up a little and I finally feel like I've finally broken the back of the work for the Naked Mortys. Almost all the woodwork is done. S**T I cant wait to show you all! I'm also very excited to do some sort of a tone test for 14 guitars, made with similar pickups (all scatter hand wound by yours truly)but with different woods and pup locations. Gonna be interesting. #moarguitarsforever

I plan on having @hayneseffects commissioned Wayfair strung up this week. Absolutely can't wait to hear it. I just need to get a black trem tip and its all together.

Want me to make you something like this? All orders made via my newly launched website come with a 10% discount this weekend! Check it out! Link in bio #wayfairbass #moarguitarsforever

This is going to be quite a nice build. One piece mahogany set neck S type, with a bubinga neck and wenge fretboard (with compound radius) firebird style pickups, 3 way toggle and universal volume and tone controls. Gonna rip.

Did you know that all my guitars and basses come with stainless steel frets as standard, included in the base price? It's a great feeling to know that every instrument leaving my workshop will always have perfect frets, even after years worth of hard playing!

Looking through some old builds of mine, and I really didn't spend enough time with this one. The soldiering iron was still hot when @alandublon landed in Copenhagen to collect it. I think I only have about 4 photos of the build Can someone else order an Ash Wayfair built to the same specs so I can maybe have a day or so with it before it gets collected or shipped? Please? #moarwayfair #moarguitars

@eivormusic doing what she does best, back when it was allowed to do it in public, with her Wayfair. I miss the good old days!

This one I kinda wanted to keep for myself. 6 way switch from @nsfxfreeway giving you all the pickup combinations you would ever want (and possibly a few extra)

Shipping this to @dannygoldfarb in New York in the following days. Can you think of anything better to cheer you up during the corona crisis then recieving one of these in the mail? #moarmorty

First ever official #mortytuesday I drank more tea then I would normally to celebrate. I also played this guitar for a little while.

First Wayfair bass is starting to look quite serious! #wayfairbass

Oh go on then. 歹 #moarguitars p.s. I'm taking extra luthier points for matching the cavity cover to the bubinga neck.

My hands hate it, my tools hate it, my nose hates it, but I love it, and you all seem to as well!

#teletuesday kinda. Single P90, single volume, with a push-pull for engaging a tone cap to darken the sound. This is a great example of one of my base price builds, get in touch if you're interested in commissioning your own!

This hollow #pbass I'm currently working on needs me to hold onto it to stop it from floating away. #firstworldbassplayerproblems

OK so who wants one of these? #moarwayfair

I realised that lately I've been posting quite finished looking guitars, and less about the process. To be honest it's a bit scary, and makes me feel a bit vulnerable, showing what happens behind the scenes of a workshop. There's always mistakes, stuff to sand out, problems to solve, and mess. Lots of mess. So I thought I should face my fears by showing one of these mistakes (or rather "design through process" ) on this hollow P bass I'm currently working on. I like deep arm cuts on all my instruments, so I gave this guy the same treatment, but oh snap, I accidentally carved into the position where the bridge is going. So one of my apprentices spent today carving a piece of bubinga (to match the fretboard) to act as a spacer between the curved body and the bridge. We will come up with a nice shape for it tomorrow to turn it into a design feature. It'll probably end up being the thing that I like the most about this build. It's often the f*~kups that end up being a projects best feature!

I haven't been able to ship this guitar since completeting it a month or so ago, as its owner has been traveling, and then this corona thing happened (shipping is back to normal now though!) So rather then just let the guitar collect dust I've been adding layers oil most days, to pull abit more out of the grain, and frankly I think it's starting to look rediculous.

Video of this guy in action in my bio. The unique combination of P90 and passive piezo sounds absolutely incredible, check it out for yourself!

Making a bone nut. #moarguitars

I'm not quite at the final level of finish on this, hence the smudges and small lines on the body left over from earlier oil layers that I'll buff out before the final layer. But this guitar is looking so good. I think this might be one of my best oil finishes yet. #wenge #moarguitars

I'm a big fan of walnut these days. Very excited to have a few commissions with it coming in the following months. It's a lovely wood.

To quote the person in my workshop today, listening to me test playing this; "wow man, that's EXACTLY what a guitar should sound like" With just one vintage scatterwound P90 on the bridge side of centre. It's very hard to find a bad sound in this guitar. Sometimes you're limitations are what make you fantastic 歹

I know I posted this same guitar yesterday, but my god this thing plays well, so I decided it deserved a second day in the limelight. I don't often get time (or maybe I don't often give myself time) to pause and enjoy when I'm testing a guitar, as I'm mainly just scrutinising for things that could be that 1% better, but I lost track of time playing on this one.. My love affair with P90s grows ever deeper. #teletuesday

First photo of a new commission I was working on today. You can still see the chainsaw marks from carving the top. Any guesses as to what it might be? #moarguitarsforever

This guitar is in need of a loving home, make me an offer via the reverb link in bio if you're interested! I've helped to smooth the process by dropping a little off the price All specs are in the reverb ad #moarguitars

I'm going to start a weekly workshop diary over on YouTube to show you guys some stuff from behind the scenes, and to document what goes on, and just have a bit of a chat... With myself. Extremely high budget stuff. Link in bio if you're interested!

I've gotten quite a few orders for walnut guitars over the past few weeks, and I think this guitar is the culprit! It's a really really cool wood. Dense, light and hard with beautiful grain and colour (that's what she said...) This guitar is about to go to its new owner in the states, will be exciting to see how it progresses..

A couple of Wayfair foetuses caught in the wild. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of sanding, carving and refining left to do... #moarwayfair #moarguitars #hollowbodyguitar #archtopguitar #fholes #carvedtopguitar #hollowbodybass

Did you guys know that I wind all my own pickups? This gives me the flexibility to do more or less anything for each individual order, and each pickup is wound specifically for each customer (I don't have a massive stash of P90s) I wind each one with a specific player, guitar and tone in mind They also sound really really good. #pickupwinding #handwoundpickups #goldfoilpickups #boutiquepickups #guitartone

Right then guys! I think I've made enough of these, and they are different enough from the original, to warrant their own name, like my Wayfair, I need a name for my hollow or solid T's. Got any ideas? . . #teletuesday #telecasterguitar #tstyleguitar #thinlinetele #hollowbodyguitar #boutiqueguitars #telecaster

Family portrait 歹 #luthiery #moarguitars

This one's going to Indonesia tomorrow to its owner, and the man that conceived the build, @limasenar Thanks for trusting me with the commission man 歹 #moarguitarsforever

This week's workshop diary is up on YouTube! Click the link in my bio, or swipe up on my story to see what I've been up to this week.

I know I'm maybe a little biased but I really love this guitar. Modern playability with a natural feel, and a resonant, vibrant and warm sound that works with what you give it.

Left or right and why? I'm a bit torn. I love them both, for different reasons. It's amazing how different these two guitars are actually, when coming from such similar places, and sharing the same lines.