Unlike other cookie-cutter custom shops, the Luthier’s Special is crafted to your exact dimensions.

The journey starts with an appointment at your home or studio. We’ll build a complete picture of the minute details that make you a unique guitarist - your hands, arms and body - precisely documenting your playing position.

We’ll analyse your favourite guitars to check pickup outputs, neck widths, weights, set ups, fret size and neck relief. We’ll listen to you play. The way you set your amp. We’ll discuss tone, your playing history and your favourite guitarists.

Our master luthier will walk you through the design process, helping you choose from the finest woods and make decisions about all of the hardware options.

Over the next year, you’ll watch your guitar take shape in our Copenhagen workshop. You’ll receive regular updates, documenting each step of the process to keep you up to date.

Finally, when the guitar is finished, it is hand-delivered to you at home and set up perfectly in the humidity that it will live in.

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