Check out my upcoming builds list. They are in a “first come, first served” basis, with the first being my immediate priority to get shipped, and then getting gradually less urgent as you go down the list. I start working on a build as soon as its ordered, sourcing the woods and hardware, doing rough cuts on the body etc, so if you’re guitar is a long way down the list, don’t despair, it has been started, but it’s probably not getting its last coat of oil yet!

If you have placed an order and your guitar isn’t on the list then it means either it’s done, and I’m arranging the final payment and shipping, or you’ve not paid a holding deposit yet.

  1. Aria (Copenhagen ): Wenge Explorer, aka ExMoarer. Single humbucker, single volume.

  2. Joe (Brighton, UK): Wenge Wayfair shortscale bass. 3 B90s, no F holes.

  3. Will (London, England ): All wenge hollow morty with black binding. 8 string baritone. P90 neck, firebird bridge.

  4. John (Bellevue, USA): Roasted walnut Wayfair, 2 humbuckers.

  5. Jason (Florida, USA): Roasted swamp ash Morty. 2 firebird mini humbuckers, bound top, bound neck, custom inlay.

  6. Billy (Ultimo, Australia): Ash body, roasted rosewood neck, ebony fretboard. 23 frets, Inbuilt Moar Drive, Stoptail bridge, P90 neck Single coil bridge.

  7. Peter (Eatons Hill, Australia): Roasted walnut Wayfair. 2 p90s, JM vibrato.

  8. Robert (Nashville): White Korina offset. 2 p90s

  9. Jon (New Jersey): Padouk Wayfair, 2 p90s

  10. Philippe (New York ): Secret new model baritone, 12 string half trem. 5 pickups. Roasted walnut and rosewood.

  11. Scott (Greer, USA): Left handed walnut Morty with 2 p90s

  12. Adam (Chicago, USA): Baritone offset, inbuilt Moar drive.

  13. Enrico (Eatontown, USA): All roasted Swamp ash Baritone Morty. Filtertron neck Humbucker bridge

  14. DJ Ryan (LA, USA): 12 string new secret model. 2 p90s

  15. David (Washington, USA): Roasted walnut Wayfair, 2 p90s

  16. Kenny (Singapore ): Swamp ash Morty with roasted maple neck. Humbucker bridge, P90 neck.