Meet the builder

My background is actually much more as a player then as a woodworker. Growing up I always modded my own guitars, but playing was much more at the forefront of my mind, rather then building. In my 20’s I had a bit of success as a guitarist and a songwriter, touring a little, recording a lot, gigging loads and trying (unsuccessfully!) to get various projects off the ground. It was during this time that I started cutting comfort cuts into tele’s, stripping finish off of necks, and gradually easing my way into more and more difficult “luthier” type tasks. I made a bit of a name for myself as a guitar tech locally in Copenhagen, repairing, modding and customising guitars for other guys on the scene, and eventually took the courage to make my first guitar.

To my amazement this guitar sold very quickly, then the next, then someone wanted one built a little like it, but with a different wood, and I have had commissions ever since.

I think my unique approach to guitars comes from my perspective as a player, rather then as a carpenter. I used to cycle around Copenhagen with a guitar on my back all day, going from rehearsals in the morning, to teaching private guitar classes in the afternoon, and then gigging the same night. So to me a guitar has to be light (as it’s always on you) has to be inspiring to play acoustically, has to be set up to be comfortable to play for 8 hours a day, has to be versatile, comfortable on the body, has to stay in tune and be reliable in a professional setting, has to resonate. These are the key elements to me when building a good guitar.